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National Pension Summit 2024

Had an incredibly enjoyable and enlightening day at The National Pensions Summit with Money Coaching Ireland.

Here are our key takeaways:

  • Auto-Enrolment Alert: Q4 2024 is set for the arrival of Auto-Enrolment. Employers, take note early planning is essential to sidestep hasty mistakes.
  • Pension Advice Matters: Employees will require sound pension advice to grasp the intricacies and ensure adequate coverage.
  • State Pension Changes: Recent changes to the State Pension underscore the heightened importance of retirement guidance. It’s more crucial than ever.
  • Engagement Matters: The fear of complexity is hindering engagement among pension scheme members. Simplification is key to maintaining interest.

Our perspective?

Empowering employees through financial education is fundamental to enabling them to make informed decisions about their pension funds.

Let’s foster a culture of understanding and proactive decision-making

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