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Financial Planning Fees

Schedule of Fees and Charges

At Life Planning, we take pride in our commitment to transparency, professionalism, and the delivery of high-quality financial services. One of the foundations of our client-centric approach is our fee-based model, which we believe brings numerous advantages to those seeking expert financial guidance.

  1. Tailored and Objective Advice:
    Our fee-based structure aligns our interests with yours. By charging a fee for our services rather than relying on commissions from product sales, we can provide objective and tailored advice that is solely focused on your unique financial goals and needs.
  2. Clear and Transparent Engagement:
    We value transparency in every aspect of our client relationships. With our fee-based model, you’ll have a clear understanding of the costs associated with our services. No hidden fees or surprises—just a straightforward and transparent engagement designed to empower you with financial confidence. After completing the Factfind and before we begin to prepare a recommendation we will issue you with a letter of expected costs.
  3. Quality Over Quantity:
    We are dedicated to delivering high-quality financial advice that stands the test of time. Our fee-based approach allows us to prioritise the quality of our recommendations over the quantity of transactions.
  4. Unbiased Recommendations:
    As Certified Financial Planner ™ Professionals we are bound by a duty to act in your best interests. Our recommendations are free from the influence of third-party incentives, enabling us to provide unbiased and strategic guidance that truly serves your financial success.

Our Fees can be paid in a number of ways:

  • By commission earned from Insurers and Product Producers to whose orders are transmitted. Summary details of these payments will be included in the product information document. And/ Or
  • By you directly in the form of a fee which we will discuss and agree in advance of all transactions And/ Or
  • You will have the option to pay for the services we provide by way of a combination of commission and fees which we will discuss and agree in advance of all transactions

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