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I asked ChatGPT what HR Managers want from pension schemes

We can deliver…

Competitive Benefits Packages: A robust and attractive pension plan can be a significant factor in employee recruitment and retention. We can offer you a tailored scheme where you design the benefit structure.

Cost-Effectiveness: We have access to a number of providers and can ensure your pension scheme offers good value for both the employer and employees, considering factors like contribution rates, administrative costs, and investment performance.

Flexibility: We can offer complete flexibility for different contribution levels, investment choices, and withdrawal options.

Employee Engagement and Education: At Life Planning we are dedicated to offering quality pension advice. We see financial education as key to ensuring the financial security and freedom of choice of your employees. We have teamed up with Money Coaching Ireland to offer bespoke Financial Wellbeing Workshops that will seamlessly integrate with a company pension scheme and benefits package.

Compliance and Governance: All our pension schemes that meet legal requirements, are transparent in their operations, and have clear governance structures in place.

Integration with Overall Compensation Strategy: You can ensure that the pension plan complements other benefits, such as life cover and income protection. That it supports the organisation’s goals in attracting, retaining, and motivating employees.

Adaptability to Changing Workforce Needs: We can provide seamless integration with payroll. Real time changes can be made when employees change contributions, change salary, leave the company. No reconciliation issues!

Technology and Administrative Efficiency: We can provide a pension scheme that leverages technology for administrative efficiency. This includes user-friendly platforms for employees to manage their accounts, streamlined processes for HR administrators, and robust data security measures.

With the implementation of Auto Enrolment at the end of 2024 now is the time to review your current pension scheme set up.

Act now to reduce the administrative burden, offer your employees a better financial future and dictate the terms of how you want to operate.

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