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Auto-Enrolment Update

Click the link below to read the latest Irish Times article on Auto-Enrolment.

Auto-enrolment pension is a new retirement savings system that will be introduced towards the end of 2024. The scheme is designed to help employees save for their future retirement by automatically enrolling them into a workplace pension scheme unless they choose to opt out or suspend their contributions.

The scheme will also involve contributions from Employers and the State, which will boost the employee’s savings. Employees will be automatically enrolled if:

  • Earning over €20,000 per year across all employments
  • Not part of a pension scheme
  • Aged between 23 and 60

If an employee is already part of a pension scheme they are not enrolled.

Now is the time for employers to budget for the future costs and plan for the best option to suit their business

Talk to us about reviewing your existing scheme or looking at the available options.

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